Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The lone bootee

As many of my friends know, I've not knitted (much) for the past 7 months. Recently, I found myself pondering baby socks - why is it that they can never stay on my baby's foot for more than 5 minutes before she yanks / chews them off?  Then it occurred to me that I can knit bootees that will stay on her feet and still keep her toes warm in air conditioned malls.  So I started looking for patterns - and that's when it hit me.  The pattern sizes indicate '0-3months', '3-6months', 6-9months' and '9-12months'.  Without realising it, my baby had already graduated to the 2nd largest category!  And I have not knitted her ANYTHING at all since she was born. Horrors. And I call myself a knitter! 

So here's a bootee that I knitted for her - it took 2 weeks - 1 week to look for a pattern, 2 days to locate the yarn for it, 1 day to locate the needle, 2 days to locate my knitting bag, and 2 days to cast on (cos she thought it was a new game and kept pulling the yarn).  

One lone bootee

And while I'm at it, here are some pics of my baby wearing stuff that I knitted for her, for public record, so that she can't call me a lousy mom in future.

Flower Bib

Knitted Wrap Dress

P.S. Thanks my dear knitting buddies for sending me knitting news and yarn, and generally keeping me sane during these months :)


Eliza said...

She is so perfect! And big!

alt.ayu said...

I love the booty~!!!
Oh and the other time i kinda lost my mojo, and Susan said i could knit for lil' Isabel, but I didn't know what size. Now I do. hahaha

opportunityknits said...

She's so cute!

jackie said...

wow, how time flies, your girl girl so big already ! She is a cutie pie.

Nice FOs, and yes, the booty looks good on her, but i think they kind-of dont like to have anything on their feet (i dont know - when my girl will kick them off somehow!!)