Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Joy of Giving?

My 10 month old (who suddenly has more friends than I do) has a little friend who is turning one.  So I cast on for this halter top, as that little girl will be spending her holiday in a beachside resort and I could just imagine her playing in the sand, looking cute wearing this.  I even chose a machine washable yarn so that her mommy wouldn't have to handwash it. Checked and rechecked the size, debated on whether she would look good in the colour - my usual paranoia when knitting gifts.   Hated the yarn, it hurt my fingers and was uninspiring to work with.  But I had a ton of it in my stash, so I persisted.

Katja Halter in Hot Red
Pattern : Katja Halter from Knitty
Yarn : Butterfly Super 10 Cotton
Needles : 3.75mm
Mods : Used a DK weight yarn instead, so cast on for the largest size.  

It was worth it. The final effect of the mercerised cotton was awe-inspiring.  After a good soak, the cotton evened out and the subtle sheen of the cotton and the slightly heavier drape made this a truly special project.  I couldn't resist getting my little one to model it.  And then someone asked me 'why don't you keep it for her instead?'

Why not indeed.. I have had so many mediocre reactions from gifting my knitted items away. Items that I've spent weeks labouring over, endlessly thinking through every little detail, only to receive the same reaction as the next pile of store-bought toys.  I guess that's why it's called 'the joy of giving'.  But (I whine).. I would like a little phone call thanking me for that special special present!!! 

Which brings me to the moral of this little story - I am simply not a 'giving' type of person.  I am pretty sure that this time, the recipient's mommy will appreciate it, but will she ever know how much thought went into this?  Hence my dilemma, do I give this away?  or do I keep it for my own special little girl?

Katja Halter
Katja Halter


sue said...

Oh I would definately keep it for your little girl. How gorgeous does she look in it. I understand the dilema about knitting for people and them not understanding all the work. I knit my friend's daughter a little cardigan, I think she wore it once or twice and I never saw her in it. She then proceeded to tell me she just throws handknits in the washing machine and they come out all stretched. I didnt want to see what happened to the little cardigan so I didnt ask about it.

JL said...

O, our princess looks cute wearing it.

I love the colour too, my mother always said - Little one should wear bright colour !! that's one thing that i totally 100% agreed with her.

I do have the "to-give or not to give" and our handknits "might" not be well-appreciated by a non-knitter !!

Ing. said...

After seeing what has happened to my knits given in the best of faith, I have kept the recipients circle very small: just a handful of friends and all of my side of family (coming from a handicrafty country they know how to appreciate it), I have decided that if I am in doubt whether the gift will be received well I do not give it. So if you hesitate, maybe it's better to keep it and take a trip t the mall.

ming said...

hi I remember reading that only people who make things appreciate hadnmade stuff. so sad right? most people cannot fathom how much time (unless you are v fast) and thought it takes to do something handmade. I love how isabel looks in the dress. great pic! sheena

theonlysuz said...

Agree with all the comments. I come from a hand-made tradition from Europe and know how to handle fabrics, but I have to face that today harried moms throw everything in the washer and dryer and don't even sort! I have to keep that in mind even for my granddaughter.

So, I would keep this and quickly make another out of machine wash and dry acrylic in a bright modern color. Even if it doesn't turn out as well, at least it won't be ruined the first time it's washed!

All the best,