Saturday, July 28, 2007

Knitting makes it to our newspapers!

There was on article printed by the New York Times on July 12th - titled "The Knitting Circle Shows Its Chic". The article can be found at the NYTimes site (registration required), and it's also referenced at this blog.

News articles about craft and knitting in USA are gradually getting more attention as people all over search for individuality & meaning in this 'self-enrichment' era. However this time, this same article was re-printed in Singapore's very own 'URBAN' supplement that was out this week Thursday! The article even had a picture of Teva Durham, sitting on a couch & surrounded by her knitted pieces. It was unbelievable, I'm almost tempted to write in to Straits Times & congratulate them for finally getting an editor that realises that knitting in Singapore is not limited to only aunties in Chinatown and/or sleazy little shops in remote HDB heartlands. There are many knitters here, most of us have not had bifocals (yet), and we're all well connected to the web & the blogosphere, and we can even operate iPods, DS Lites and PDA phones. Woot!

All I can say is - well done, Straits Times.

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