Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The one that took 6 months..

I was gonna attend a play. Previously whenever I'd attend a play I've always regretted bringing along a commercially-purchased pashmina. This time - I tell myself, I will bring my Madli shawl with me.

I dreamily envisioned the lustrous dark purple shawl that will go so beautifully with my black dress and dark nail polish... then my imagination was given a swift kick in the butt when I realised that my Madli shawl had another 75 rows to go, plus grafting, plus ends to be woven in, plus blocking. Not to mention this was a project that I had started in June and it was now Sept and I hadn't felt like picking it up at all for the past few months. This would also be a good time to inform my ambitious imagination that the play was to be at 2pm the next day.

Talk about working on a deadline. I actually managed it. Stayed up till 2am and got the whole thing grafted, blocked and all. Draped it casually around my shoulders the next day while hanging around in the theatre foyer waiting for the play to start.

And then I promptly dropped the shawl into the toilet bowl during intermission.

Some projects just have a tougher life than others.... Here are pics of it while it was clean.




alt.ayu said...

yayy~~~ finally I see your beautiful Madli :)
it's madly gorgeous!!! - forgive the pun.
As you would have guessed I love the color too hahaha

Lois said...

OMGosh, what a story at the play. great color! i need to look for a pattern to work with it.

ann said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear about the mishap! Nothing that can't be fixed with a good cleaning, though. Thanks for sharing the pics - your Madli is a beauty.

sharks said...

ouchies.... i can so imagine you "drawing" your wardrobe for that play. :)
so did your beautiful madli keep you warm, while it was clean? *patpat*

opportunityknits said...

It's beautiful and I'm sure it will clean up good as new.

sc said...

What a journey your shawl have been on! Thanks for the laugh :) though.

Susan said...

Oh! This shawl was worth the wait. It is a beauty.

Joan said...

I would die.


R a i n said...

OMG I think my heart stopped and my eyes bugged out for a while there. I had to read it thrice to actually convince myself that you were probably not joking.

I hope it cleans up as good as new.

R a i n said...

Forgot to's exquisite!

alt.ayu said...

hey hey you've been tagged hehe
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