Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crochet Ripple Baby Blanket

I've recently had the attention span of a gnat.. This means no energy to follow the Madli shawl lace pattern that changes every other row. This means no energy to search for the next perfect pattern, dig in my stash for the perfect yarn, swatch & cast-on... Therefore, this means zero knitting action for the past 2 weeks.

I'm developing a theory that this has to do with the way I knit. Since I'm a relatively new knitter, I tend to hunch over my knitting and bring the work rather close to my eyes, which tires me out very quickly versus something like crochet, where I can crochet lazily in an almost horizontal position. Crochet also suits my current ADD-like frame of mind, where I can just quickly put in a couple of double-crochets and then put it down without trying to finish the row.

So here's what I started on last night - a crochet ripple baby blanket in colours that remind me of the mediterranean sea, in soothing shades of greens and blues. I have no idea if the recipient will be a baby boy or girl but who's to say little girls can't wear blue - I mean, look at a mermaid's tail. It's blue, and green, and a mermaid is undeniably female. So there. (Yes I know I lost the logic there somewhere but such is my lethargy that I'm not editing that)

This is done in a very simple ripple pattern, in sirdar 4ply cotton. In order to prevent the dreaded stiff & crunchy crochet texture, I've gone about 2 sizes up on the hook and am using a 3.9mm hook. The resulting fabric is airy, drapey and very soft. I hope it will be a nice summer blankie for our humid tropical weather.

Baby Ripple Blanket 1


alt.ayu said...

hey very nice! i like the matching colors! matchy matchy! :D

Anonymous said...

aww lovely! agree, why should girls only wear pink or red? ... that's why i grew up hating red color :p
- sharks

Susan said...

I don't know how to crochet, so I didn't know that larger needles would solve the stiffness problem. Lovely blanket for some lucky baby.

JL said...

very nice colour.