Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The simplicity of granny squares

My very first memory of crochet is of a little girl in school uniform sitting on the bus from school, and furiously stabbing away with a thin metal hook & cotton thread, oblivious to the stares from strangers on the bus.

I was about 12 then.  We had just learnt how to crochet in Home Economics.  Till today, my friends tease me that while everyone was struggling to crochet little chains, I had already gone on to crochet a pineapple lace tablecloth.  That memory makes me smile.  I did finish that tablecloth, and gave it to my grandmother.

Since then, I have crocheted many many things - Barbie doll clothes, coasters, more coasters, clothes, bags, even a bikini.  But the simplicity of the granny squares never fails to inspire me.  It is the most simple form of crochet, with no need to plan or count rows.  Just dip my hand into the yarn containers, pull out whatever strikes my fancy, and off I go.

In the spirit of stashbusting, I've dug out my softest cottons (and about 10 years old in my stash), and have been crocheting granny washcloths all week.  It's amazing what a little washcloth can do for your skin - my face already feels cleaner and smoother after a few uses.


MiA said...

Thanks for your nice comment :) I have used a special crochet cotton (can only be found in Scandinavia) which I tiedyed myself,

Have a nice day!

Caroline said...


Thank you for visiting my blog! I really like your granny squares, it remind me of my debut as a crocheter. My grand-mother and I made a couple of blankets out of granny square.

Anonymous said...

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