Friday, December 2, 2011

My not-so baby

Sometimes, I forget that my little girl has only been on this earth for 3 years. She has changed my life so much, redefined our family so much, that I can't even remember my life without her. Sometimes, in my eagerness to see her grow, I push her too hard. I see other parents sending their kids for enrichment classes and worry that I didn't give her a chance to reach her potential. I see her hiding under her bed & giggling to herself and wonder if she's wasting her time while others are learning how to paint / dance / learn Mandarin.

But when she's asleep like this, I remember how young she really is. I marvel at the innocence of those round (ok not as round as I'd like) cheeks, those tiny rosebud lips, and I remind myself not to be too hard on her. She's only 3 - let her sleep, let her wander around the house in her pajamas, let her play....

I love you, little baby of mine.

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