Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cables & Lace Update

I've been good and knitting away on the Cables & Lace Kimono Cardy.. it's a really fun knit and now that I've done something like this I don't think I can ever do a stockinette-only sweater/cardigan.

It was kinda scrunched up and tight-looking at first, but after a light steam blocking, the lace opened up and the yarn kinda 'relaxed' - this is pretty typical of Sublime yarn, I think, maybe because of the silk content?

Cables & Lace Kimono Wrap Cardigan

Here is where I am as of today, I have to finish off the belt/tie (which is like 200+ rows of 7 stitches!), and then pick up and do the ribbing around the neck area. Glad that this should be done before baby is due!

Cables & Lace Kimono Wrap Cardigan


Lois said...

see, u can knit so fast. :)

Eliza said...

There it is! It looks fantastic!! Will you model it too?

alt.ayu said...

GRATZ! this is so nice! I'm glad the steam blocking worked too; it was so scrunched up before~~~

don't you love sublime on takumis? ahaaha