Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bye Bye Tuscany

I've decided to frog the Tuscany Shawl (pattern from 'No Sheep for You'). Although the yarn is really seductive (Handmaiden Seasilk!), its striping effect and dark color really seems to overshadow the delicate lace pattern of the shawl. Anyways, I think a shawl named 'Tuscany' should be a joyous burst of color - so maybe I will use the red Malabrigo lace yarn instead. Last pic of the unfortunate shawl - bye, bye...

Tuscany Shawl

To make up for my disappointment (and also as a break from the tedious chart reading of the Cables & Lace Cardy), I cast on for this Entrelac Scarf. The pattern is free from Freckles & Purls, and I had the yarn ready bought for this - Paton's Soy Wool Stripes in 'Natural Earth' colorway. I had wanted to learn Entrelac for a long time now, but if A hadn't shown me hers, I don't think I would have the courage to start. Once I cast-on though, I was addicted and spent the whole of last night going 'just 1 more square'. See what you done, A?

Entrelac Scarf

I chose the yarn specially with a friend in mind, she's a real browns/naturals kinda gal and I thought this colorway is just so 'her'. But as I knit, I see more indigos / purples popping up in the yarn.. what's up with that? Argh.

Entrelac Scarf


meiteoh said...

The colour combos for the scarf are amazing! Speaking of which, I should finish up mine! LOL!

alt.ayu said...

ooooohhh sws is absolutely beautiful!!!!

sharks said...

this is very beautiful!!! I love the 3D squares :)~~~

Eliza said...

I love it! I've never done entrelac- it scares me. Maybe I should try.