Thursday, October 25, 2007

War of the Voices of Baby Items

Baby Mitts & Bootees 1

Pattern : Easy Baby Knits by Claire Richardson
Yarn : Sublime Merino Silk DK (slightly less than 1 skein)

Voice 1 (aka Angel Voice) - "ohhh this is going to be so squishy and cute"

Voice 2 (aka Demon Voice) - "isn't this yarn kinda hot for our weather?"

Voice 1 - "a little, but it's quite light weight so it shouldn't stifle the baby"

Voice 2 - "it's too small, how are the baby's hands gonna stretch in that"

Voice 1 - "most babies curl up their fingers, and anyway the yarn stretches"

Voice 2 - "baby will snag a nail in the loose weave and will probably end up yanking out her entire nail"

Voice 1 - "but look at those cutie matching ribbons I found in my stash that matches the yarn perfectly..."

Voice 2 - "what if baby chokes on the ribbon when it comes undone"

Voice 1 - ".....but, but.."

Voice 2 - "besides which, Mothercare sells those for like $10 for 3 pairs, you're gonna take forever to make them"

Voice 2 - "and your mom will put those in the dryer and shrink them, then they definitely won't fit anymore... /evil snickering

Voice 1 - /concedes defeat and is silenced forever

Game, Set, Match - Demon Voice
And I thought that knitting baby items would be easy...


opportunityknits said...

I have the same problem about knitting for babies here :)
By the way, your crochet scarf from your previous post is very pretty and your photo of that shop is really a dream shop!

alt.ayu said...

yayy~~ :) i Love the ribbons u found! they really match... hehehe nice nice!!! :D

and don't worry, I think babies will be cold in aircon rooms - as another friend's baby has demo-ed. lol!