Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another type of lace

Instant gratification is my middle name. Some might say this is the result of being an only child but I leave these Freudian theories to more qualified people. All I can say is, life is short, why not spend time on pretty things that makes one happy?

Enter my newest instant gratification addiction - tatting.

With tatting, I don't have to plan for hours in advance, thinking of whether to make it a cardigan or a sweater, substituting different yarn to achieve that perfect gauge, and then spend days or weeks worrying about whether I got gauge and whether that size will fit the recipient.

With tatting, I just pick up any color thread that grabs my attention, select a random motif or bookmark, load the shuttle and go. If I make a mistake along the way, I cut it off and start again. No commitment, no hours of endless worry, no advance planning needed.

And at the end of that hour or two, I have a delicate piece of lace. And I can then think about what I want to do with it.. or simply just hold it and admire the crisp knots and lacey picots.

I have a feeling this addiction is here to stay...

Flower Bookmark Blues Greens

Tatted floral bookmark
Pattern : available on the web from
Thread : Altin Basak Turkish thread in Size 50

Tatted Vines
Tatted floral vine
Pattern : available on the web somewhere
Thread : DMC Embroidery Floss (3 strands)

Some inspiring sites that showcase the fresher side of tatting :

25 Motif Challenge - a tatting showcase of sorts, lots of pretty motifs

Yarnplayer's Tatting Blog - she sells the most beautiful handdyed threads at her etsy shop

Jon's Blog - beautiful pictures of tatting & tatted items on her site

Threads from a Tatting Goddess - just look at this tutorial on card making


alt.ayu said...

wow~~~ these are really pretty~!
I can't wait to learn lol

karyn said...


can we get free lessons from you? ^______^

***Jon**** said...

Welcome to the beautiful world of tatting. You will not regret a single minute of it. The motifs that you have done so far are looking great.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for highlighting it here.

In reply to your question, the snowflakes are packed loosely in a box because she want to hang them on her Christmas tree.