Monday, June 4, 2007

Join us on the MRT for W.W.K.I.P Day!

June 9th (Sat) is World-Wide-Knit-In-Public Day!!!

Yippee - I've never joined in any of these before. This will be my very first year. And the Singaporean knitters will be knitting in public, on a very appropriate form of public transportation known as our MRT or Mass Rapid Transit trains. And in answer to some of you.. YES, I know how to buy a ticket okayyy.

I recall for other awareness days, like Breast Cancer Awareness, Health Awareness etc, they always list the benefits of the program to educate people.

So here is my educational message on the health benefits of knitting. I figure we could get the MRT stations to announce it on their PA system on WWKIP day.. yeah.

1. Knitting keeps your brain alert & staves off memory loss. By actively engaging those brain cells when trying to remember charts, or trying to figure out a badly written pattern, knitters can keep mentally alert well into our older years.

2. Knitting helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Instead of spending money on grand, heavy meals in restaurants, knitters have been known to opt to stay at home just so they can knit. Therefore instead of wasting knitting time & yarn money going out for a meal, we make do with that solitary apple left in the fridge. Yumm... healthy....

3. Knitting helps to lower your stress levels & blood pressure. Just ask any knitter who's had to knit round after round of stockinette.. the soothing rhythm of the stitch can be so boring that we actually find our breathing more interesting & start paying more attention to it. Worst case scenario it sends you to sleep & that's a surefire way to relax anyway.

The above is just my rambling and in no way represents any form of medical fact


Anonymous said...

the question is... WHY do you need to buy a ticket leh? where is your Ezylink card? ;))


alt.ayu said...

Lol!~ I agree i've been staying home more often now. although i can't tell if it's cos of knitting or bcos of Mollie rofl

Alyson said...

Good words.