Sunday, June 3, 2007

Finished! Sirdar Just Bamboo Tank

It's been a little slow on the knitting front, but I'm really happy that I've finished this gift for my SIL way ahead of time for her birthday. Now I have some extra time to shop for a pretty bag to wrap it in. I contemplated getting her a card as well, but we're not a very formal family & even if I bought a card, it would probably just say 'For You', which frankly, I think is a waste of $2.50 that can be spent on lunch.

Here's a picture of it being blocked on the couch. See all those ends hanging out? It will take forever to sew them in, any volunteers?

Sirdar Bamboo Tank_3

I panicked slightly after washing, it shrank by almost 2 inches width-wise & I had to really stretch it out & pin it in order to get it to the right size. Makes me wonder how I'm going to teach my SIL to block this... or maybe I shall just tell her never to wash it...? On the other hand, I washed a spare swatch & didnt block it but just laid it flat to dry, after which it relaxed upon drying.. so maybe it will be alright. Thank goodness I made it a size bigger so even if it shrinks it still won't be too tight.

The pattern is from Sirdar, I used about 4.5 balls of the Just Bamboo yarn in Shade 0117 for the medium size. I shortened the torso by about 2 inches, and left out the waist shaping as I wasn't too sure how to re-calculate it, but I will definitely put it in next time as it does look a little bit baggy at the waist.

All in all, I'm really pleased with the yarn, and the pattern is simple & quick enough (took me about 10 days of knitting) to make another someday. Now off to tackle the zillion extremely slippery yarn ends... See ya!

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