Sunday, May 6, 2007

Mahogany L-O-V-E


I've never been a 'browns' kind of gal, but this 880 yds of Handmaiden Sea Silk may just change my mind. The colours are rich & saturated, ranging from the lightest touch of toffee, to a shimmery copper, to a reddish-brown; deepening into mahogany, with the occasional tinge of burgundy thrown in. The hanks are ridiculously fluffy, and I really don't think I want to wind this up for knitting anytime soon. L-O-V-E. This spells baaad things for the future of my yarn stash.

On the topic of yarn stash, I attempted to take inventory yesterday, but got distracted by all the yummy yarns that had to be squished & fondled, and all the surreptitious casting on "just to see what it looks like". As of last count, I have 30,000m of yarn in my stash. That's 30km. That's the distance from Tuas to Bedok.. and more than the distance from the southern to northern tip of our island...

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alt.ayu said...

let me squish your yarn