Friday, May 4, 2007

Loot from Europe

Remember this painful episode?

Here are my replacement needles - hand-picked & air-flown by the finest connoisseurs, all the way from Europe! (actually they are non-knitter friends but considering the amount of stuff they bought back some major ass-kissing is in order)

Not 1, but 3 Addi circular needles! (3.5mm 60cm, 3.5mm 80cm in Bamboo, and 3mm 80cm)

After several international calls & frantic surfing at the GGH site to confirm colours, they also bought for me:

14 balls of GGH Scarlett (100% Egyptian cotton in a fingering wt).. very soft & shiny. Colors : Fire Engine Red, Lilac/Dusky Rose, and a Creamy Biege. I'm so itching to make camis like this.

5 balls of GGH Linova (74% cotton, 26% linen) in an aqua-green shade.

And a free pattern which I'm having the hardest time photographing due to it's shiny surface so you'll have to take my word that it's a very pretty lace sweater in a very foreign (German) language. Thank goodness for lace charts. Gonna bring it along to the next knitout so smarter knitters can help me figure it out.

I was told that my friends felt uncomfortable in the yarn shop as the shop lady was just standing there looking at them while they attempted to buy something... so if there are any Viennese yarn shop owners reading this (somehow I am highly doubtful, but just in case) - pls be nice.... Non-knitters can buy a lot of yarn too!

P.S. Thanks to my wonderful friends for helping to increase my yarn stash :) See their hol pics here..

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alt.ayu said...

wow !!! hehe nice nice I like the yarn - esp the aqua ones in the basket rofl!

wonderful wonderful friends you have! :D