Friday, March 30, 2007

Flower Garden Granny Squares

I was overwhelmed by the explosion of colors & combinations of granny squares when I chanced upon this Granny-Along, and their flickr group. So much freshness & color, applied to something so basic & simple to crochet.. this is spontaneous, fun creativity indeed!

Seeing the number of Japanese publications that are coming out, it does seem that granny squares are having a major revival. Or maybe they never left.. just quietly & slowly endearing themselves into classic status? There are squares that are lacy, puffy, cute, earthy, colorful...looking through the Japanese books I have almost convinced myself that I really really must have a granny square rug/table runner/coaster/chair NOW. pls?

Thus inspired, I dug around in my stash and chanced upon nearly 20 balls of Cleckheaton 8-Ply Wool & Woolcrepe mix.. i had mauve, burgundy red, cream, tan (w a little mohair), variegated greens/purples/browns.. I had bought them separately but wonder of wonders, the colors work! Does this mean that I actually have some color sense..? wow. Or maybe, it just means that I have too much stash...

The motif is from this Japanese book, I really liked the texture of the puffy flower in the middle vs. a traditional granny.

It is so liberating to just pick up a color and crochet a round, pick up another for the next, and another... for someone used to overplanning my projects, this feels really free & refreshing. I would highly recommended this project for those of you who wish to exorcise your inner control freak.

No idea what I'm going to make from these squares yet... for the moment, I'm just having fun. Any ideas?


Michelle said...

wow...those granny squares are very pretty!! too bad i dont know how to crochet!!

iro iro said...

hi michelle, thanks for your comments.. granny square is easy to crochet (basically just double-crochet & chains).. i read your blog & i wish i could knit as well as you. pretty stuff :)