Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This is my life, this is my bag

Despite a wardrobe full of fancy smelling leather bags, this is my current favourite. I call it the Daiso bag. It was constructed of materials bought in Daiso -

Gray brushed cotton fabric $2
Multicolor checked cotton lining $2
Navy cotton webbing $2
Neon yellow bias tape $2
(The polka dot fabric is from stash. Fine.. So it's the 99.9% Daiso Bag)

I love it to bits. It looks nondescript and functional on the outside, but when I dig for my stuff, the clash of colors and prints are exactly me. Plus, have you felt the brushed cotton? It's like carrying your favourite blanket around with you. 

Nobody's actually asked if I made it, which either means 1) It looks professional and store bought, or 2) It's so ugly that no one has dared mention it. 

I still love it. 

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