Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Knitting Wishes

I tend to  be really bad at making and keep resolutions, so for this year I have decided not to make any major resolutions (since I forget it all the next day anyway).  However, as a knitter, it helps to keep my knitting in focus so let's just call them 'Knitting Wishes' shall we?

1. To have a ready pile of luxurious scarfs, hats, little gifts ready for the invariable last minute birthday, baby shower etc.

2. To only use beautiful yarn that doesn't make me itch or sneeze. 

3. To de-stash.  (ok stop laughing, seriously...).  I probably have enough lace yarn to knit 20 shawls so this is a serious problem.  Not to mention enough cotton to knit another 20 blankets. So to show how serious I am, I'm declaring that I will only buy new yarn after I've finished 5 projects using yarn from my stash.  I would make it more projects but at the rate I'm knitting, 5 projects could very well take half a year, so quit your sniggering.... 

Actually, come to think of it, de-stashing is also really relevant in other parts of my life.  Living with the minimum, trimming away excess clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and just stuff.  I could probably come up with really meaningful reasons for why we should learn to live with less stuff (world economy, going green and so on) but there is just one shallow reason - mess makes me grumpy and itchy.  So here's to a clean & neat 2009!

P.S. Gift yarn doesn't count as buying yarn right...?


Eliza said...

I'm going to join you in your resolution. I just updated my stash on Ravelry, and was ashamed by how much yarn I have. I, too need to destash.

have a happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

RE: de-stashing & gift yarns. Gotcha. I know what to do. ;)
- sharks

Jackie said...

Hey there,

wishing you a Happy Mother's Day....enjoys !!