Thursday, December 6, 2007

A last minute present

As if I didn't have enough hobbies, the notion of beading popped into my head one day. Nothing fancy, mind you, just the bare basics to make a simple pair of drop earrings, maybe. I really don't have enough space for stash for another hobby.. horrors.

This morning I toyed around with a tatted floral motif, and thought how pretty it would look as a pendant for a little girl. So I found the basics on YouTube (how to make a wire-loop, how to open & close jump rings)... and came up with this :


The pearl bead has its coating completely worn off at the top cos I abraded it so hard with one of the pliers. The gold coating of the wires has also been rubbed black in certain places where I had struggled to make a loop... and I'm pretty sure the bead doesn't hang quite straight. In spite of all that, there is a certain sense of satisfaction - my first piece of hand-made, hand-tatted jewellery. Ta-dah!

I also found the perfect brown choker and fushcia jewellery pouch in my stash to complement the pendant.. Nothing makes me happier than digging around in my stash to find matching materials to finish a project - it's like going to my very own craft supplies store in my pajamas......


This little pendant is now ready to be gifted. Not bad at all for a morning's worth of work. Now just cross your fingers for me that nothing drops off....

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alt.ayu said...

I'm so amazed, you even have a little bag in your stash!!! It really is like walking into your own little craft store! :D

love the necklace and great job for a first attempt!