Sunday, December 23, 2007

I need another pair of ears

Happy Holidays everyone!

I've been holed up at home and madly indulging in all my crafts, and I must say this is a great way to spend the Christmas season. The rest of the time I've spent trawling through the beading shops in Singapore and buying packets and packets of swarovski crystals, and strands and strands of stones and beads.... bliss....

Results of the hobby immersion week :

Earrings... several pairs made over 2 days - I need another pair of ears to wear them all. Am sure my neighbour has fun watching the waddly preggie lady sitting in the balcony in the mornings, in pajamas, with a cup of coffee and a different earring dangling gaily from each ear.


Blue Drop Earrings

Garnet Drop Earrings

More earring pics here

On the knitting front, I've been working on the Tuscany Shawl from 'No Sheep' book, in Handmaiden Seasilk. This yarn totally lives up to it's reputation - it's addictive and I'm already plotting for another colorway soon. Wasn't in love with this particular browny colorway until I realised that the tatting thread that I bought and some recent bead purchases are also in the "Tigereye" color scheme.... Oh great.... Now when I obsess about a color, I have 3 hobbies to stash it in!!

3-in-1 Tigereye

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