Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Madli trouble

My 2nd lace shawl project (Madli's Shawl by Nancy Bush, from IK Summer 2004) has been jinxed from the start. I finished the 26 row border each time, only to mess up and had to painfully rip it - and I did this a total of 4 times!! The pattern requires a lot of concentration, and my brain tends to drift off when I knit... Obviously the shawl didn't like competing for brain space with mundane thoughts such as 'what shall we have for dinner?'

On the 5th try, I finally got past the border, put a lifeline there (Pearlie White Anti-bacterial Floss for the winz), and happily knitted really fast for another 3 inches or so. When I finally stopped to congratulate myself on my intensely prolonged attention span, this is what I found :


Two. Borders.

Seems that I repeated the border pattern a 2nd time instead of starting on the actual shawl pattern. I bet these are the same brain cells that direct me to drive the wrong way REPEATEDLY, even though I tell myself NEVER to drive via that way again.

There is no way I am going to rip this again (plus I worry for the state of the delicate lace yarn), so I've decided that my Madli shall just have 2 borders.


Lois said...

maybe u could have knit the border for the whole shawl? just an idea. hehe~

Jenn said...

Oh, no! Well, yours will be unique now. And a double border will look very pretty.

alt.ayu said...

yikes 2 borders... doesn't matter. it doesn't look very strange anyways ;) maybe you can repeat the border thing near the end too heh

hey i'm using the same flozz rofl! (not for my teeth. for the kimono)

Grace said...

I like how it looks, and that yarn is so pretty!

karyn said...

one chinese idiom came to my mind on reading your struggle with madli..."duo zai duo nan". ganbatte ne!