Saturday, June 16, 2007

Madli Progress

Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement on my rather unusual start to Madli's shawl :)

I'm glad to report that I've successfully ventured into the center portion of the shawl pattern & am enjoying the 'wave' motifs very much. Unlike my first Kimono shawl, this does not have any glaring errors (so far). I'm about 6 reps into the center pattern (25 more to go), and the experience of knitting with the Zephyr lace yarn + addi lace needles is almost magical. I'm once again addicted to lace...

Progress on Madli


Zephyr yarn in Plum


In other knitting/crochet news, I'm making up several of these coasters for a friend's housewarming gift. He likes natural earthy home decor items (think unpolished wood and rough ceramic bowls), so I'm using this raffia-type yarn in keeping with the rustic feel. Simple single crochet in spirals, with a backward crochet edging. The yarn is too busy for anything more.

Rustic Coaster

Rustic Coaster 1


Jenn said...

You've made lot of progress! It's gorgeous! Maybe I'll start mine eventually.

The coasters are great, too! Sounds like they'll fit his decor perfectly.

iro iro said...

hi jenn.. thx! i cheated on the madli - nupp-less - so it's moving faster..