Wednesday, June 20, 2007

7 random things

I was tagged by Lois some time ago for this meme, took me forever to think of 7 random/semi-interesting things about me. And since I'm relatively new to the knitting blogosphere, have still not thought of who to tag. Oh well, here goes for now :

1. I drink coke with salt. The salt makes the coke colder, reduces the fizzy bubbles & removes that metallic after-taste. Also, it's said to be a really good remedy for sore throats. Try it

2. I have an obsession with red lipsticks. I'm forever looking for the 'perfect' red - not too blue as it clashes with my Chinese skin; not too orange, but just right with a tinge of brown. However I seldom wear red lipstick. I just like to open the tube to look at the creamy texture & color.

3. I change my hairstyle everytime I go to the hairdressers - even for a trim. It's this inability to say 'no' whenever the hairstylist suggests a 'new look'. Guess this is a safe way to express my individuality & take small risks?

4. I drink my morning coffee sitting on my bathroom floor. It's very clean. Enuff said.

5. I love onigirii. Not the fancy exotic sushi-type, but basic, comforting onigirii rice ball, with a little grilled salmon in the middle, fresh seaweed wrapped around it, with just a tinge of plum powder. The best onigirii i ever ate was at a roadside stand in Tokyo, where the rice ball was warm & slightly salty, and the seaweed crisp & fresh. Droool

6. I read really fast. I take maybe 2 hours to finish a paperback chick-flick type of book. When I was young, my idea of a perfect day would be to stock up 3-5 books, and spend the afternoon in bed reading & eating instant mash potatoes.

7. I am allergic to rust & dust. No, this isn't a ploy to get out of housework. I recall a time in school when we had to use sandpaper to remove rust from the chairs & tables. I had hives allover after that and had to get an injection and was sick for the next week or so. (And I was also excused from the table/chair cleaning exercise, hehe)

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