Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Clapotis Rite of Passage

Some say that the Clapotis scarf is a rite of passage.. thousands of knitters who have online web access have heard of this pattern since it was first published in 2004.. I mean, just look at the 3,006 photos in Flickr!

I am very glad to have completed this rite of passage & can finally call myself A Real Knitter! I love the pattern - I love the way the accordian pleats scrunch up to form a cushy warm scarf, the way they open up to become a little shoulder-warmer in freezing cinemas, the way it drapes and hangs when worn. I am definitely going to make another - maybe in a luxurious silk or a soft cashmere - something that doesn't exfoliate my skin so much.

P.S. Mr Noro, I apologise for all the less-than-complimentary words I've thrown your way when working with the yarn.. the color striping is simply magical.. I did not try to match the stripes at all, I just knitted and knitted and yet the color changes are so gradual and just perfect. You are da man!!! (but I still think I will stay away from your yarn for a while)

Yarn : Noro Silk Garden in #243 (mauves/lilac/purple/greens/browns/black), 5 balls
Needles : Clover Bamboo Circulars in 5.0mm
Size : 23 x 56inch; done with 9 repeats (vs 13) in the straight section

My hunky male model


A full-length shot


Super-duper blurry artistic close-up shot


Modelled on husband's coat (& leaving lotsa mohair fuzz in the process)


Waves in the ocean



Lois said...

u are so in loved~~ with the clapotis. hurhur~

Jenn said...

It's so gorgeous! Now I really want to finish mine, but it's already getting too humid here to have that much wool in my lap. At least, until I break down and turn on the air conditioner. Congrats!

Susan said...

You are so dangerous. Every time you post another FO, I want to knit it myself. This is lovely.

alt.ayu said...


I can't wait to finish mine but i'm not even halfway there :(

but it's so nice. I'm already thinking of making a smaller version one as a gift already hehehe

Susan: Knit it! come on!! knit it!

Ann said...

This is beautiful! Now I want to make a Clapotis too. I'm also a Singapore knitter new to the world of knitblogs. Do pay me a visit some time! :)

bluey said...

It is so nice. I going to CO mine after I had finished my DFS. :)

Alice said...

This is gorgeous! I am thinking of starting one soon (I am going to be using Silk Garden as well). I hope mine turns out half as fantastic as yours!

Grace said...

The color you chose is really pretty! I am about to start making my first Clapotis, and your pictures are really inspiring. Beautiful!

Ana said...

That is simply gorgeous. I absolutely love it!