Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clapotis Progress

I've temporarily put aside all my other works-in-progress (WIPs) and have been working exclusively on the Clapotis this entire week, because :

1. I'm addicted to the pattern & to the parts where I get to drop stitches, although it is not as fun in this Noro Silk Garden yarn as the stitches don't really slide down smoothly; it requires a gentle tugging of the loops 1 row at a time as some bits stick together. (Note to self :try this in slippery silk someday for added kick)

2. I love the way the scarf drapes and has that scrunchy, organic texture to it.

3. Actually I'm speeding through this as I don't enjoy working with the yarn. It sheds, leaves bits of twigs and pokey bits on my clothes, and I am forever anticipating the next clump of prickly seeds or whatever. My hand hurts and I yearn to touch soft smooth yarn again - preferably silk or cashmere please.

OK, enough whining, here are some progress shots.




It suddenly dawned on me last night that I may have to shorten this significantly as I only have 5 balls of yarn (545yds vs the 600+ the pattern calls for). Don't ask me why I didnt look up yardage earlier - I just assumed that 5 balls was plenty for a 'scarf'. Doh me.

Anyways, here's my logic : I took 1 ball to finish the increase portion, and another 2 balls to complete 6 repeats of the straight section. So I figure I should be able to squeeze in maybe 8 or 9 repeats with my 4th ball, thus leaving me with the 5th ball to complete the decrease section.

Ladies & gentlemen, I ask for your utmost focus in crossing your fingers along with me in hopes that my logic works.


alt.ayu said...

hehehe it's turning out really nicely even though the yarn is not easy to work with! hats off to u!

hehe if it's not long enough it can still be a little shawl yes? ;P

Jenn said...

I know what you mean about the Silk Garden not dropping stitches. I've taken to using a crochet hook and inserting it row by row and wiggling it to free the dropped stitch.