Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kimono shawl update

No pics today, just a quick update on the Kimono shawl. I'm onto repeat number 6 out of the 25 that's indicated in the pattern. I think there are little gremlins who sneak into my room & undo the lace while I'm asleep...

Heard some news today which made me a little down, and treasure my health, and the health of my loved ones. Ok - not so much treasure as 'start to obsess about'. It also gave me a huge sense of urgency to finish the Kimono shawl, so that it can be a source of comfort.

Given our tropical weather, I've always thought of a shawl as a frivolous accessory. But I hope that this shawl can serve a deeper purpose than that. Hopefully, it will warm up the cold, impersonal air of hospitals & waiting rooms. Hopefully, it will also be a reminder that 'you're not alone, we care'

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