Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kimono Shawl - to block? or not?

I've never been a very adventurous person. This was evident when I finally bound off the last stitch on my kimono shawl at 3am last night, looked at the blue squiggley pile that's occupied the past 4 weeks of my life, and decided that I will not block it.

Yes - you heard right. I just cannot bear to think of the multiple potential problems that might arise with blocking - what if the color ran? what if i used the wrong shampoo & the yarn felted or something? what if... what stretched & stretched like the rubber arms on that Fantastic 4 guy? So in my sleep deprived state, I thought it looked very pretty just as it was and didn't need blocking.

This morning my inner Aries decided to show up, and I worked up my courage to block it. It wasn't easy as I had used 3.6mm needles at 1 end, 3.0mm in the middle, and 3.25mm needles at the other end. Long story .. see earlier blog entry. Let's just say I spent a lot of time on my knees arranging pins.

100+ pins later

Blocked size : 19inches x 70inches (I only did 23 pattern reps but it's definitely long enough)

Posing prettily with the paper gift bag that I happened to find that matches so perfectly

I found an entire row missing only when I took this shot - it's cropped out of this picture, no sense posting a permanent record of my mistakes now, is there?

I'm so relieved that this is finally done. Today for the first time in an entire month, I am not knitting lace. And guess what? My fingers feel funny when I pick up my 4-ply cotton. I miss lace, I miss the floati-ness of Zephyr yarn....... I cant wait to cast on for another lace shawl!


Siow Chin said...

Beautiful! Try blocking wires, I haven't but they are suppose to make your life a lot easier.

Susan said...

This is lovely! And just my color. Stop inspiring me! I'm not ready to start lace yet.

Lois said...

good job for first lace project. quick i wanna see your next lacey FO.

iroiroknits said...

thanks so much for all your support.. i just hope my next lace project can be as fast as lois'. man that girl can knit!

cc siow chin, was thinking of buying them but wanted to wait to see if i like lace or not first.. think that question is answered :)

cc susan, you can do it! a scarf today, a lace shawl tomorrow.. we'll help.. wanna see the other zephyr colors? :)

Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful! Loves it! :) - Sharks.

bluey said...

Nice shawl!

I must start to work on my kimono shawl soon..

e said...

So so so nice~~~ :D yayy I hope i'll join u soon hehehe

Anonymous said...

ok... my next project would be to make a draw-string pouchy for you. :) - sharks

karyn said...

welcome to the gang of addicted lace knitters. more zephyr? ;) did you use the string method for the sides?

iro iro said...

yes, zephyr is good.. thank goodness we stockpiled :) didnt use string method, will definitely do so next round!